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Not Just For Emergencies, We Are A Full Service Locksmith in Miami, FL

I named Demi Miami’s Locksmith fter my daughter, Demi, and like I serve her, I serve you, too. Call for the fastest response.

Residential Locksmith

We unlock your home or apartment, change locks or keys, add security locks and we do a lot more, too.



Whether you need new locks, security fobs & access control  or even need to open a safe, Demi Miami’s Locksmith is here to help you get back to business.



If you need us to get your car open so you can get back to your life, call us now: 786-755-3585. Or just tap this box!

Open 24/7 for emergency services

Do You Need a Locksmith?

If you’ve locked yourself out of a car, or if you need to systematically rekey or re-authorize commercial locking systems, then you need a locksmith. But you don’t need any locksmith, you want a locksmith you can trust.
That’s where Demi Miami’s Locksmith comes in. Dennis, the owner, has over a decade of experience in all different locksmith needs and serves his customers whenever they need it, whether at 3 am or noon. So call us and you will love your ‘locksmith near me’ experience!

Trustworthy Locksmith

Dennis Does What He Says
When Dennis says he’ll be there at a specific time, he is. When you need a price and he quotes it, that’s what it is* when you need a locksmith to fix the problem you have, Demi Miami’s Locksmith is the company to get it done. Fast, at quoted price and professionally done.

*Note: Quotes are given according to the information received. Occasionally, a lock or situation may be something other than understood. However, if this is the case, a new quote will be given on-site with an explanation and you will be allowed to make a new decision.

Professional Locksmith 'Near Me'

Clean and Quick
Anybody can drill a lock out, but a professional only rarely needs to do so (specialized locks require it). Anyone can leave a mess, Demi Miami’s Locksmith doesn’t. Anyone can take all day, but Dennis, a professional locksmith in Miami is fast and will get you on your way quickly.

Licensed, Insured & More

More Info
With over a decade of locksmith service experience, you can rely on Demi Miami’s Locksmith to keep your secure and protected. Or opened if you’ve locked yourself out!

We believe that your satisfaction is critical to our business and we treat you and your family like our own. Dennis is a tried and true professional emergency lockout service master and also a professional lock installation tech. We are licensed, insured and secure according to all Florida and Miami laws, too.

Available 'round the Clock

People get locked out at all times of the day and night, so we make sure a locksmith is available 24/7, too.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our prices are competitive, we make ourselves always available and we want to leave you with a smile! 🙂

Free Locksmith Consult

If you have a bigger project like rekeying your business or changing the locks on your house, you get a free cosultation!

Here’s a couple of locksmith reviews or testimonials to read.

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“Dennis is the BEST. My boyfriend and I were locked out of our apartment at 11pm and Dennis was there in 20 minutes. He was professional, speedy, reasonably priced, and took credit cards. He saved the day and I would recommend him in a heartbeat.”

Kathleen B.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Got locked out of my house a few days ago after a quick store run, called a few locksmiths and the only one who came out at 3am was Dennis. Quick and great service!”

Raspy Haigang


Home, Commercial, Auto.

Lockouts, Lock Changes, Safes.

Whatever it is, let’s get you back on track.

Serving All Miami, from Cutler Bay to Hollywood, FL. 


Black and white image of antique skeleton keys and padlock

Locksmith Questions

What exactly is a locksmith?

Centuries ago, the making of locks was a profession that was protected by a guild. Within the trade, you learned how to make a lock and keep it working properly. You actually forged the steel, cut the pins yourself and hammered out the keys.

In modern times, locksmiths rarely make locks anymore, but they still have to know how a lock work. To make things more complicated, they have to be able to know what lock they are working on at a glance, open a lock from scores of manufactures, and even pick open safes and cars. Locksmiths have to know more about these things than ever before!

So when you call a locksmith, one that has the experience and certifications like Demi Miami’s Locksmith, you are getting a person educated and experienced in a very fine art & science. Plus, since they are opening your doors, they need to be reliable, trustworthy and professional. That’s what you get with us!

Why would someone need a locksmith?

Locks can be complicated, especially if you have a specialty lock like a mortise lock or something. To understand what lock you are facing and the best way to get it opened, you need to rely on the expertise of a locksmith. Also, when you are in trouble, like you locked your keys inside your car, then a locksmith can be out there in a jiffy, with all the right tools, to help get you on your way.

That’s what we promise: a fast and friendly lock unlocking experience. Or, if you need to put in new locks, change the keys on your locks so old ones won’t work, get into a safe that has been locked or a dozen other things, we are here to professionally get you in and on your way.

locksmith opens car in miami
dennis at demi miamis locksmith

Who does the locksmith jobs?

This is Dennis and a customer (Dennis is on the right). Dennis is a master locksmith and has a lot of experience in the industry. He owns Demi Miami’s Locksmith. Demi is his daughter’s name and he loves that there is a legacy out there with her name on it!

When you call us, you will speak with Dennis. He will come out to you , or at least manage the one who does, and Dennis will be responsible for you and your situation. You are in good hands.

Why should I choose Demi Miami’s Locksmith?

There are a lot of locksmiths out in the world. Many are great people with great companies, many are not. Our company is one of the good ones for a few reasons.

First, we are professionals. This means that we have been trained and educated on how to open scores of different locks and how to rekey, install, maintain and fix so many locks, too. And we act professionally, this means we treat you with respect and kindness, especially when you are having a really bad no good day.

Second, we are licensed & insured. This protects you. We are licensed in all the legal ways required and insured beyond that so you can feel comfortable knowing that we are a company keeping your safety and security in mind.

Third, we are just good! We are good locksmiths, we can get you open and on your way quick. We are good guys, trustworthy and kind to all, but especially our customers. We will be good for and to, you.

dennis miami locksmith opening car
Demi miamis locksmith

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