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Demi Miami’s Locksmith

31 NE 17th St Unit 125
Miami, FL 33132


Service: 24/7
Office: 10am – 1pm M-W-F


Why Demi Miami’s Locksmith?

Our name is kinda funny but named after Dennis’ (the owner) child, Demi! We make it our business to make sure you are absolutely satisfied with our locksmith services so we make sure that we are fast, on-time, professional, clean and presentable and clean up after ourselves. We also give you free estimates, work on consultations and do everything we can to make you happy. Call us!

A Professional Locksmith

More than a decade of experience
Way back in the early 2000’s, Dennis started locksmithing with his mentor in NYC. From there, he learned and grew into the master locksmith he is today. And, with his company, he has decided to carry that legacy onward of professionalism, courtesy and service!

A Fast Locksmith

We Get To You Fast
We are always open and work our best to get to you faster than any other locksmith in Miami and once there, we are fast at getting your car opened, house unlocked or whatever service we need to provide.

24/7 Emergency Locksmith

Anytime, Any day, Any Situation
Our specialty is getting you in and on your way faster and better than any other solution you can use. Plus, we make sure there isn’t any damage to your car or home.


We fix all house locks, open any residential lock and make sure that you get new locks or re-keys fast when you need them.



Don’t let access, key fobs or new locks intimidate you. We can handle all that for any business, whether large or small.



Car locked you out? That’s ok, we can open it in a jiffy and get you new key fobs, too, if you need them.



31 NE 17th St Unit 125, Miami, FL 33132

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(786) 755-3585


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